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SEE Forge Mobile Solutions SEE Forge Mobile Solutions

The Money Wasting & Dangerous Problem

Stone age paper forms, manual processes, excel spreadsheets and clunky old systems are painful, produce bad data and limit your team from achieving more.
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A Solution So Easy We Named It FAT FINGER

In seconds convert all your paper forms, binders of procedures, excel spreadsheets and old systems. All your work across any device and all FAT FINGER easy.
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  • Deploy in seconds.
  • Flexible to any form or workflow.
  • Safer higher profit jobs coached by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Coaching Your People As They Do Their Work

Real-time advice to operational personnel generated by Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to produce safer and optimized jobs.

Ai-Coach is like having an experienced team of experts look over your people’s shoulder 24/7 to ensure jobs are done safely & correctly every time.

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