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Instantly automate key processes, integrate with existing systems and rapidly deploy across the enterprise.

Does your workflow look similar?

Your current process.

From the field to the dashboard

SEE Forge = one time entry, and one source of clean, real time data.

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Automate the energy value chain

SEE Forge gives you insights across your entire energy value chain.

  • Upstream
    Rig move checklists
    Drilling reports
    NPT reports
    Drill/Frac/completions procedures
    Wireline/coiled tubing tickets
    Well production logs / pumper rounds

  • Midstream / Production
    Optimization audits
    Pipeline inspections
    Maintenance inspections
    Engineering field docs
    Site inspections
    Equipment inspections

  • Transportation / Distribution
    Run tickets
    Fuel Haulage tickets
    Vehicle inspections
    Marine logs
    Transport docs

  • Downstream / Processing / Refining
    Operator plant rounds
    Maintenance and repair requests
    Shutdown/turnaround docs
    Startup checklists

Common processes across all areas

Environmental / Safety
Tool Box meeting
Safety observations / Take 5
Incident report
Site audit / inspection
Contractor audit

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The massive problem

Companies spend millions on people & technology but still run processes on paper & excel.

Data isn’t captured or is compromised.

Operational mistakes.

Processes aren’t integrated, workflows break down.Negative impact on productivity and safety.

Legacy systems are clunky, slow and can be populated with poor data.Lack of executive insight and control over operations.

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Disrupting how IT delivers value to the business

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The dreaded application gap

The current solution & it´s result.

  • ExpensiveCustom developed mobile applications are costly, slow and consume valuable IT resources

  • Unproductive & incompleteJuggling multiple, niche applications that don’t address company specific needs across all business processes.

  • Poor adoptionMobile applications don’t always reflect the way employees work resulting in poor adoption rates.

  • Decisions aren’t data drivenThe mixture of applications result in data silos, redundancy and data compromise.

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Automate data collection, workflows
& visualization of information

Across any process, on any device, at any time.

  • Anyone can rapidly build
    & improve processes

  • FAT FINGER™ app
    flexible to any process.

  • Real-time

  • Integration into legacy systems providing the user with one app for all processes


Secure & collaborative workflow automation


  • SEE Forge

  • E & P Companies
    • Clean, real-time data to systems
    • Field to dashboard operational transparency
    • Process standardization adherence / control
    • Contractor performance
    • Multi process tool collaboration(Safety, Field Ticket, Inspections)
  • Service Companies
    • Easy, fast, low cost admin for field execution
    • Shared data set for clients
    • Faster payments
    • Established expectations
  • Government and regulatory
    • Insures performance and compliance
    • Auditable
    • Richer, faster data
    • Less admin overhead
    • Less focus on painful reporting
  • 3rd party tools
    • Data set for tools to plug into
    • Basic infrastructure to build from
    • Market insights

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Why SEE Forge is #1

#1 Market Leaders in Business Impact & value Sales Force BPM Tools Form Builders Point Solution SEE Forge Platform
Easiest drag & drop workflow builder allowing anyone to create and improve apps Deliver Business value fast & at a low cost
“FatFinger” app user experience – Off-line with native performance Lowers risk of project failure from fast user adoption
Oil & Gas Industry Experts Leverage our network of best practices and expert partners
Industry Standard Oil & Gas workflow collaboration platform Use what other Operators & Service companies are using – stay on the same page as your partners and share data to achieve joint outcomes
Leverage our R&D with full access to Oil & Gas innovation Continue to get an industry leading evolving solution (IoT, M2M, analytics)
End-to-end platform - Field data capture, workflow automation, real-time dashboards, API integration Lower operational risk by standardization & improved decisions

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Continued & targeted Oil & Gas innovation

Future features based on client feedback


Don't let anyone tell you its going to take a long time

No excuses, it's not that hard

  • 1Demo and ask questions.(30min to an hour)

  • 2Send us your workflows to be automated so we can review or use our best practice templates.(A quick email with attachment)

  • 3Dedicated success coach rolls helps you out solution.(A few days of hand holding)

  • 4Measure your success and celebrate!


From the field to dashboard

Across any process, on any device, at any time.

SEE Forge empowers organizations to create FAT FINGER™ apps in a simple drag and drop way, to instantly automate key processes, integrate with existing systems and rapidly deploy across the enterprise.