• A remarkably easy way to collect, report & manage information.

    Any process. Any device. Anytime.

  • Bridging the gap between field operators and executives.

    Understand where and why cost overruns are happening and how to streamline operations.

  • Stop wasting time, resources & money.

    Stop double handling information and data. Run your team at their fullest potential and avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Gain real-time insights
    into your operations.

    Find your problems faster. Gain deep operational insights to make better decisions to improve profits.

  • Be 100% compliant.
    All in one easy place.

    Customize and build any form or process and easily share across your organization. Fast and easy allowing everyone to be 100% compliant.

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SEE Forge Mobile Solutions SEE Forge Mobile Solutions SEE Forge Mobile Solutions
  • I wish I had this for our project progress reports, it would save us so much time. It's WAY easier than our current Take 5 paper flip books.

    Aurecon Engineer

  • I love the fat finger technology. Fast and easy is all I want.

    J. Hughes. HSE Advisor

  • We clearly see the value proposition such an application would bring to our business.

    Alvin Vink (Head of Health & Safety)

Bridging the gap between field operators and executives.

Get powerful insights into your operations and stay on top of what matters most.

SEE Forge is a platform integrated by a mobile reporting app and a web based Command Centre. It turns your day to day operations into easily understood reports.

SEE Forge is remarkably easy to use, fully customised and allows you to capture and report anything, with NO Internet connection required.

From paper to mobile. All in one easy place.

The massive problem.

You spend millions on people & technology but still operate on paper & excel.

Employees hate filling out paperwork.

Executives hate reporting from Excel.

Make big operational improvements.

We help you increase revenues, lower your costs and minimize risks.

1. Login

If you are new to SEE Forge tap on "Start Now". You will learn how to use our fat-finger friendly mobile reporting tool.

2. Home page

With four big "fat finger friendly" buttons it is really easy to submit a form. With a few taps you can control team's submissions, their where abouts and quickly discover any problems.

3. Report New

Select the form you want. And "tap-tap-tap" - filling out your form has never been this easy minizing any risk or errors. Once submitted everyone on your team will be notified.

4. Profile

Personal details such as work numbers, emails and department is really helpful for rest of your team should they need to contact each other.

5. View All

All your submissions made by you or your team is listed in an easy view. Tap to view any submission details.

6. Map View

Easily plot forms on a map. It will help you see who and what is where. Easily spot where your problems are.

From paper to mobile. All in one easy place.

Easily create, edit or delete any type of forms you want. Assign users, work teams and permissions.

Customize your forms

In the online Command Centre you are able to create, edit or delete any type of forms you want.

Using the form builder wizard you can easily transfer your existing paper-based forms to be mobile ready.

SEE Forge works across many industries and processes. It's not just for safety. It works for quality, project status updates, environmental, drilling rig data, inspections and audits.

Integrates into your own IT system.

What good is a mobile reporting system if you cannot connect it into your own IT system?

Target opportunities based on current demand.

With work sites and teams you will always know who is doing what, why and where.