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World’s Largest Oil & Gas Company Selects Tech Startup FAT FINGER To Digitize Procedures In Refineries & The Oil Field Around the Globe

Contract with the leading provider of Digital Procedure software, FAT FINGER, will allow the company to reduce operating costs and improve safety HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FAT FINGER, the leading innovator in Digital Procedure software, announced today that it has been selected by

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Intrinsically Safe Cases Now On

Intrinsically Safe Store for Intrinsically Safe Cases

  We are excited to announce that all Intrinsically Safe Case inquiries will now be cared for by the experts at the Intrinsically Safe Store. Based on you the customer’s feedback we believe it is best to focus on our core offering, the

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Microsoft Customer Case Study

Transforming paper-based workflows into the digital age to save millions in oil and gas industry Companies use SEE Forge to create digital workflows that replace traditional paper-based forms, for everything from safety inspections to production rounds. Anyone in the organization

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5 Simple Strategies to Boost Profits with Automated Systems

Most people in the industry are affected by the decreased price of oil. The drilling rig count has been dropping each week as a result. How does the industry respond? What are successful oil service companies doing to grow their

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10 real examples why data analytics is the new oil

Are you convinced of the power and potential of data and predictive analytics, but still a bit hazy on what it can really do for you and your company, then I’m please to say that you’re in the right article.

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How to increase profits when oil prices are down

The current economic situation with regards to oil may be a little worrying to the companies that deal with it. Oil prices have gone low and current predictions point towards these prices dropping even further. Already, some oil companies face

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Interview: How SEE Forge is improving results for the Oil Sand Industry

This is the Oil Sand Tech Podcast with Aaron Tschirhart. The Oil Sand Industry is the largest unconventional oil business in Canada and on this podcast we’ll be interviewing people who are building products and building services that can improve

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Texas Oil Production: Back To The 1970’s

Texas first major oil boom began in 1901 with the discovery of the Spindletop oilfield. According to the EIA, the great state of Texas set its oil production record in 1972 with 3.4 million barrels per day. This was very

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Five Steps of Making a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

1.  Understanding the business needs Understanding what business needs you and why you want to implement a enterprise mobile strategy have is quite essential in succeeding with the mobile strategy. Is the motivation to save money, enhance security or employee

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SEE Forge provides expert commentary to ABC News about the iPhone 6

ABC News asked SEE Forge for their expert opinion on the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. While the iPhone 6 has been a much sought after device to keep up with competition the real question is – how will it

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