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Intrinsically Safe Cases Now On

Intrinsically Safe Store for Intrinsically Safe Cases

  We are excited to announce that all Intrinsically Safe Case inquiries will now be cared for by the experts at the Intrinsically Safe Store. Based on you the customer’s feedback we believe it is best to focus on our core offering, the

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Intrinsically Safe iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6S+ Case

Intrinsically Safe iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6S+SEE Forge creators of FAT Finger giving you a close up look at the new iPhone 6+ & iPhone 6S+ intrinsically safe case. The case is currently very sought after following Apple’s new release

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Launching Intrinsically safe cases for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3

Happy to announce the release of intrinsically safe cases for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 cases for use in high explosive areas. Intrinsically safe Windows Surface Pro 3 cases will allow you to use in a Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX

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How mobile field reporting apps can increase on-site productivity by 97.5%

A case study shows that a multinational oil and gas company’s current process from filling out forms on-site and until its handled takes approximately 120 minutes. Mobile field reporting apps gives you and your team the opportunity to get this

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Intrinsically safe cases for iPhone 5S

We have just launched the new iPhone 5S cases that are intrinsically safe. the iPhone 5S cases are rated IP67 which is water and dust proof. The intrinsically safe rating is Class 1, Division 2. Intrinsic safety (IS) is a

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New intrinsically safe product launches

SEE Forge and Xciel is proud to announce two new products to be launched in Q1 2014. They will include the intrinsically safe Windows 8 Surface Pro 2 Tablet PC and the intrinsically safe Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10 inch.

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Intrinsically safe demo videos

We have just uploaded new demonstration videos for the iPhone 5 and iPads. To watch the new videos that showcases the intrinsically safe cases: iPhone 5 video >> iPad video >> Thanks!  

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Explanation of Intrinsically Safe Classes, Divisions and Groups

We have received many phone calls asking what the differences are between Classes, Divisions and Groups for intrinsically safe cases for the iPhone and iPad. Here is a crash course to help you understand the differences: The hazardous location ratings

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Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX Zone 2 Intrinsically Safe iPad cases

It’s finally HERE – intrinsically Safe iPad Case is transforming industries in a big way! A West Australian mobile company, SEE Forge announces the release and certification of a new intrinsically safe and rugged iPad case for oil and gas,

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Top 5 reasons why you need intrinsically safe cases for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Ability to work in contained and high explosive areas Intrinsically safe devices for iPhones and iPads are a revolutionary safety product that provides the protection and reduction of devices that have highly electrical energy that is hazardous to the

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