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Intrinsically Safe Cases – Terms and Conditions

Standard SEE Forge Terms and Conditions apply plus the following:

1) Installation –  Customer performs the installation by themselves and carry the workmanship liability. Direct ship to customer / end user accepts the below disclaimer:

Workmanship Liability Waiver You, the Customer, acknowledge that you will install the device(s) into the Enclosure (case) and that Xciel and SEE Forge Inc. has no responsibility for any installation not performed by Xciel or Xciel-approved installers. If the workmanship of such an installation is not properly performed, the customer bears all liability for any damages that may result from such workmanship. If you, the Customer, replaces the device into the Enclosure or otherwise repairs the Enclosure, the same above-described disclaimers apply wherein Xciel is not responsible. If the workmanship of such an installation is properly performed, all normal Xciel manufacturing warranties and guarantees still apply to the Enclosure upon receipt of the Enclosure by the Customer, wherein Xciel remains responsible for manufacturing defects in the Enclosure.

2) Customer sends their mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) to SEE Forge’s partner Xciel to be installed and returned to the customer. Xciel will perform the installation and carry the workmanship liability. This must be agreed to in writing by SEE Forge or Xciel prior to shipping devices.

3) Refund policy. All sales are final. Our standard policy is we only except returns if it is a faulty product. For this to happen you must submit your product to us in Houston Texas (at your own shipping cost) for warranty inspection by our technicians. Upon review you will be provided with a new or re-mediated product. It is you (the customer) who is responsible for what restrictions/certifications or other requirement your company requires.


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