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Utilities Solutions

Build your own utilities industry workflow in seconds

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Field Data Capture & Real-Time Collaboration

Clean real-time data coming in from your crews.

Rich data capture with signatures, photo markup, GPS, operator alerts, and/if logic and more.

Reduce indicants, compliance risk, multiple trips, lost paperwork and unhappy customers.

Integrate your existing back office systems and take them all mobile.

Convert your existing forms, workflows and processes into a FAT FINGER easy app in seconds.

  • Asset Maintenance
  • Pole inspections
  • Smart Meter Installs
  • Incident forms
  • Emergency Job checklists
  • Switch plans
  • Tail boarding
  • Switch plans
  • Tail boarding
  • Substation Inspections
  • Pole Loadings
  • Storm Restoration
  • Customer checklists
  • Meter readings
  • Service order
  • Flow metering
  • Construction updates / As-Builts
  • Install procedures


Safer, lower cost operations and happier customers.

Track your field crews with automated GPS monitoring.

Paperless processes including: safety management and tail board checklists, asset inspections, customer logs, timesheets.

Automated dashboards to provide management with real-time crew metrics and KPIs.

Drag & Drop Application Builder & Much More

We believe the best ideas are generated by the ones with experience doing the work. No-code means ANYONE can simply drag and drop with our app builder or choose from our library of best practice templates to deliver value immediately. The FAT FINGER builder not only builds easy to use offline apps across mobile and desktop but provides a complete end-to-end solution including a hosted database, workflow, real-time dashboards and system connectors.

FAT FINGER Utilities Solution Apps

Procedures are easily followed and rich quality data collected on any device including offline mobile and desktop smart applications. Photos, GPS, Voice-to-text, data validation, decision tree/support, operator alerts, workflow & tasking all working together to drive better results.

Automated Real-time Dashboards

Don't be blind to what is actually going on in operations. FAT FINGER dashboards provide effortless and reliable information when you need it to make better and faster data driven decisions.

Integrate any system

Extend mobility to your existing systems and databases.

Works offline with no internet signal.

Any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Including Apple, Android and Windows.

Manage key asset data from mobile tablets and phones while on the move

Integrated solutions in minutes, not months or years.

Utilities Solutions

Build your own utilities industry workflow app in seconds

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